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Spring Into a Positive Mindset At Outlift Athletics

This is the most exciting time of year here at Outlift Athletics. Why? We absolutely love having the option to open our massive garage door, as well as being able to use all of our awesome outdoor equipment. A better climate leads to a healthier lifestyle in a number of ways. Firstly you'll experience the positive energy provided by the sun as you naturally increase your vitamin D levels. The psychological benefits of more sunlight and fresh air has been proven to improve mood and memory! The benefits of the garage door being open are noticeable the second you start training! When you combine fresh air with natural sunlight you cant help but to be in a better mood with a more creative posit

Group Fitness Classes That DONT SUCK

We've all seen the chaotic, unstructured, dangerous group classes taught by "trainers" who can never possibly handle correcting the high amount of movement pattern errors found in large group settings. The larger the class the higher the probability is that you'll receive less individual attention, the exercise selection will likely involve movements you're unfamiliar with, leaving you without a clue on how to properly execute the exercise. What's the point of trying to look better and become healthier if you're injuring yourself? Some exercises have a very high learning curve and need to be practiced frequently to truly develop the skills needed to safely execute the movement. - With that

EliteFTS Leg Press at Outlift Athletics

Outlift Athletics is stocked with the very best gym equipment you can purchase. What good is the best equipment If you don't have a clue on how to use it. Here is a great video on how to properly set up and execute the EliteFTS leg press here at Outlift. There are also a few tips and tricks provided by OLA trainer Joe Hove on how to target different areas of the leg when using any leg press. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and show us some love! We'll see you in the gym and thanks for lifting with us! WATCH THE FULL VIDEO BELOW

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