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Group Fitness Classes That DONT SUCK

We've all seen the chaotic, unstructured, dangerous group classes taught by "trainers" who can never possibly handle correcting the high amount of movement pattern errors found in large group settings. The larger the class the higher the probability is that you'll receive less individual attention, the exercise selection will likely involve movements you're unfamiliar with, leaving you without a clue on how to properly execute the exercise. What's the point of trying to look better and become healthier if you're injuring yourself? Some exercises have a very high learning curve and need to be practiced frequently to truly develop the skills needed to safely execute the movement. - With that being said we are extremely excited to announce that @outliftathleticshas been working hard on developing safe, fun, and effective group classes. Just like the many issues we've addressed with commercial gyms, we continue creating solutions to the enormous amount of bullshit you'll typically see in other gyms. Outlift Athletics is dedicated to providing you with the very best in gym memberships, group classes, personal training, meal prep, supplementation, athletic apparel, and more! When it comes to group classes we will strive to be the very best and prove that our methods work! We will be limiting group classes to only 6 people at a time! We feel this is an ideal starting place for developing the most effective group classes possible. With less people, you'll receive more individual attention and wont feel like a sardine crammed into a can.

- We are so happy to have @kmichnoff as the newest member of the Outlift Squad. Kayla has an extremely motivating personality and is highly educated and experienced when it comes to exercise and high energy movements! - The very first class will be this coming Tuesday, December 11th at 5am! We are calling this class BodyPump! Which will include a hybrid of full body movements, HIIT cardio, weight lifting, body weight exercises, and more! You’ll get a full body workout in and still have time to enjoy the rest of your day! Book online or in person! ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖

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