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Seal Rows For Upper Back and Lat Development

Finally, you can perform Seal Rows without having to stack a wobbly bench on-top of a pile of plates. Our Seal Row is getting a ton of attention and for good reason. When looking to perform the best free weight movements to develop the upper back, lats, and rear delts typically we hit bent over rows or your standard dumbbell row. While both are amazing for back gains they don’t compare to the Seal Row. The Seal Row gets its funny name from the fact that your legs will begin to flap up and down behind you like a seal when rowing heavy weights.

Benefits of our Legend Seal Rows: - Prevents Momentum and Cheating: It’s almost impossible to cheat on a seal row, making it an extremely difficult exercise when compared to bent over rows which are often performed with a great deal of momentum. This enhances tension in the rhomboids, lats, and posterior delts giving you insane contractions which in turn lead to one hell of a sweet looking back. - Allows for Back Workouts in Spite of Lower Back Issues: Lumbar issues? The Seal Row is a great exercise to perform if you’re looking to stimulate your back without irritating an existing back injury. - Neutral Spine: Being that our Seal Row has a custom breathing hole for your face to comfortably rest in, you can maintain a perfect spinal alignment while maximizing your breathing. - You Can Perform Seal Rows with A Barbell, Cambered Bar, or Dumbbells: We are currently ordering a Cambered bar (As pictures in the lower left hand of the photo above) which will allow further range of motion than a barbell. Lie face down and try seal rows with 2 dumbbells for 100% range of motion. - You Can Do Multiple Exercises from the Seal Bench: Not only can you destroy your upper back and lats but you can perform reverse hyperextensions, dumbbell kickbacks, and rear delt flies from a completely new angle for additional muscle fiber breakdown. This is just one of the many incredibly functional pieces of equipment here at Outlift Athletics. Incredible music, best equipment you can train with, and an atmosphere that cannot be matched anywhere. Come down and try a day pass for $15 or take the entire week for $30! First 200 members to join receive a discount on their membership! We are only into our 5th day of being open and are just shy of being halfway to 200 members so if you’re looking for this discount come take a trip in anytime today! We are open till 11pm!

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