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Located Inside Unit #13

Directly Next Door to Outlift Athletics

13 Technology Drive, East Setauket, NY 11733


  1. Mental performance (will power, resilience, grit, and the ability to move through challenges)

  2. Improve recovery times for athletic performance, hypertrophy, and strength

  3. Reduce inflammation

  4. Improves dopamine release, attention, and mood

  5. Boost metabolism, especially if you warm your body naturally after plunging

  6.  Increases in brown fat metabolization

  7. Strengthen your nervous and immune system

  8. Enhance your sleep quality, particularly if done in the morning

  9. Combat oxidative stress

  10. Regulate blood sugar levels more effectively


  1. Before you plunge, visualize the process of getting in deliberately and in a controlled manner. Don’t move too fast, or too slow, just right

  2. Please bring a set of dry clothes and your own towel to dry off after your plunge

  3. Breathe as you would normally, relax your mind and body. Be present and enjoy the experience

  4. If you plan to train hypertrophy or strength in the same day as the cold plunge, either plunge first or wait 4 hours after training

  5. For those training endurance, plunging at anytime is fine for performance


  1. All members must sign a waiver prior to using our Plunge

  2. Please be punctual about your scheduled time (15 minute sessions). We want everyone to enjoy their time and not go into other member’s schedules. Staying after your time will result in fees for each violation

  3. Listen to your body and plunge at your own pace. Please always exercise safety when plunging

  4. We keep our Plunge at a constant temperature. Please do not touch the Plunge components

  5. You are responsible for your safety and health before you plunge. Staff is not required to be present for you to enjoy a Plunge to start your day. Please read our list of contraindications for the plunge. People taking medications and people with certain medical or health conditions may feel exacerbating negative effects from the Plunge. Please clear yourself with your doctor/medical provider that plunging is safe for you before your first session

  6. No alcohol or drugs allowed prior or during your plunge session

  7. Breathwork prior to or during your Plunge experience is dangerous and is expressly prohibited

  8. Please refrain from any oils, lotions, or skin applicants that may cause damage to our plumbing

  9. Please avoid excessively spilling the water when going in and out of the plunge

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