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Meet Ed DiPasquale, your experienced Massage Therapist and business owner. With years of professional expertise in medical massage, accident recovery, sports therapy, deep tissue, spa-style relaxation, cupping, and a wide range of modalities, Ed customizes each session to address your unique requirements. Pulling from years of experience training and teaching Lohan Chuan Kung Fu, and a love of Anatomy, Movement Science, and Fitness, experience tailored care for your optimal well-being.


Introducing Alyssa, our experienced Massage Therapist, deeply devoted to the art of healing. Backed by a fitness background and specialized knowledge in addressing chronic pain and medical concerns, she's your trusted source for customized solutions. Whether you're an athlete seeking sports massage or simply in need of relaxation, Alyssa is committed to elevating your overall well-being through the transformative power of therapeutic touch. Reserve your session today for a revitalizing experience unlike any other.

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