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Point Of View Video Tour Of Outlift Athletics Soft Opening Week

Shot a full tour of my brand new gym Outlift Athletics today! You'll notice we are NOTHING like any other gym and we pride ourselves on being completely different. I recognized the many problems within commercial / corporate gyms and Outlift Athletics is everything I believe a gym should be! Incredibly motivating music (I program all our playlists and music the day before), the very best equipment so our members can maximize their training, in house meal preparation services so you can conveniently hit your nutritional needs, the very best in house massage therapist for sports and deep tissue massage therapy to maximize your recovery and prevent injuries, day care for your kids so you can focus on your workout and know your kids are in good hands, group classes for intense workouts all the way to yoga, infrared sauna (coming very soon), the very best personal trainers on Long Island (No incompetent unqualified trainers), and the very best environment to keep motivated.

- Come down for a tour, day pass, week pass, or purchase a discounted membership for the first 200 people to support us! We are already halfway there and its only been 1 week!

Thank you so so much to everyone who's come down and joined. Its been an overwhelmingly joyful week, I would go ahead and say this has been the best week of my entire life. Thank you for making this long time dream of mine a reality, without the Outlift Athletics family and endless support we would be absolutely nothing!

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